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Mushroom Coffee

We know what you’re thinking – mushroom coffee? No thanks. Well, we were skeptical too, but California-based Four Sigmatic makes drinking mushrooms delicious. The secret: you won’t taste the mushroom extract added to its coffee, matcha and hot cacao beverage mixes.

Mushrooms are having a moment in the sun as one of the hottest new superfoods . They have an enviable nutrition profile and a reputation for boosting immunity and energy. We can’t vouch for the health benefits, but we are fans of the hearty Mushroom Coffee Mix ($23.99/12 ounces). It delivers a lot of dark-roasted depth and complexity via Honduran Arabica coffee beans. Plus, the beans are certified organic and fair trade, and fortified with extract of lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms. Just one tip – you might want to adjust the amount of coffee you use per 8 ounces of water. The package recommends three tablespoons, but we were happy and hyped with just two per 12-ounce mug. Now we have our eyes on Four Sigmatic’s other products such as the Decaf Ground Mushroom coffee and Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix with reishi mushrooms. They also make Mushroom Mocha Mix with chaga mushrooms and cacao, and Mushroom Matcha with lion’s mane mushrooms. The mixes range from $15 to $33 per bag and are available at