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Rice delights… Absolutely Delightful!

Are you sick of those fatty potato chips and candy bars that leave you unsatisfied or feeling guilty? If yes, then Rice Delights are for you! Try these, low sodium, vegan, and all organic, amazing sweet rice treats.  Take a pass on those marshmallow Krispie treats for this healthy alternative by Lotus Foods.


We tried the Matcha Mint flavor.  When you first bite into this sticky and chewy, yet crunchy snack,  there is a burst of mint. The refreshing mint pairs perfectly with the slight hint of matcha.  Matcha is known to have many health benefits such as boosting metabolism and reducing heart disease.  Pending on your palate, the Rice Delights come in Chocolate Coconut and Lemon Ginger flavors as well!

Why are these so special?

Not only do these snacks taste incredible, but the way they are made is inspiring.  To grow the rice, Lotus Foods uses small family farms that use the farming technique called System of Rice Intensification, or SRI.  By using this technique, Lotus Foods reduces water use and methane emissions, for a more climate friendly way of growing rice. They call it “More Crop Per Drop.”  Not to mention, they also reduce “woman’s workload.” What does that mean? When men go to find jobs the women are left to perform most of the tasks in rice production as well as the household and farm chores.  By using SRI they don’t need to do as much work which also improves their health. “Water Smart and Women Strong.”

This perfect sized snack is excellent just by itself.  By using organic brown, red, and black rice instead of white rice, Lotus Foods is able to make these treats more fiber packed and gluten-free. Rice Delights are also sweetened by organic coconut nectar which enhances the flavor.  You can find these Delights on Amazon or the Lotus Foods website. 1 bar is $1.99. An 8 pack is $14.92. A variety pack of 6 is $11.44.

Have fun doing the rice thing!