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SEO in a Nutshell

Everyone is talking about search engine optimization, but what the heck is SEO and why do you need it? To clear the fog, we are offering this short and jargon-free explanation.

Basically, SEO is a customized plan to increase visits to your website by people who don’t know you. It’s like a magnet, attracting prospects to your business. The ultimate goals are to ensure that your website is ranked high on a list of browser results, to improve the ranking of targeted keywords in search engines and create high quality content that targets those searched-for terms, driving more traffic to your website.

We have a basketful of techniques to achieve that, which include:

  • Conducting a full code audit to ensure that Google Analytics is gathering the data you need on all your pages.
  • Cleaning up codes on your site that need maintenance in order to improve the web crawler, a program that visits Web sites, reads its pages and creates search engine entries. The more Google likes your site, the easier it will be for people to find it.
  • Conducting research to determine which queries cause your site to pop up during a search, which queries result in more traffic than others and which sites are linking to your website
  • Identifying and updating keywords in your web content which make it highly likely that people can find your site
  • Recommending ways to optimize existing content on all your pages, making your site as search engine friendly as possible
  • Writing fascinating, useable content to increase your presence on search engines, and developing an editorial calendar to ensure a consistent flow of fresh content and social media presence

SEO is a powerful tool that is a crucial part of your marketing mix. Lifting your company’s rank closer to the top of the search results can provide a significant return on the time, effort and money invested. After all, the stronger the magnet, the more it attracts.